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Free Coloring Pages from Caleb Morris

Freebie time! We reached out to our good buddy in Atlanta, Caleb Morris who designed and painted our mural in our kids’ play area. He was kind enough to share the original sketches with us so that we could pass them along to y’all as a free coloring pages! Download and print what you want. The easiest way to do that is to right click on the images below and then save them to your computer and print from there.

Nothing in this for us but if you’re so inclined, we’d be much obliged if you would hop over and give Caleb a follow on Instagram or Facebook. He does commission work but even better are his neighborhood based prints on his website. He has them for all the little community pockets in Atlanta, the region, and across the country in print format. Check him out and be sure to give him a follow for his kind and generous offer of letting us pass these along.