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Reusable Bags & Bring A Bag Challenge

With EVERY purchase,
we offer a free reusable bag

Single use shopping bags eliminated

Americans dispose of more than 100 billion single use bags every year and only a fraction are ever recycled.

And while we have always used recyclable bags in the store, in 2019 we decided we could do better than that. So we eliminated the majority of our single use shopping bags by offering a free reusable bag with every purchase. To date, we have been able to eliminate over 200,000 single use shopping bags by offering this free reusable bag with any purchase.

To incentivize you to use it over and over again, if you bring it back in the store on a future shopping visit, you get $1 off your next purchase!

We hope you use these new reusable bags not just for your purchase at Wander, but at the grocery store, for lunches at work or school, for trips to and from the car, and most importantly, with you on the trail to pick up trash as part of our Bring A Bag Challenge.

Every time you’re out on the trail or at the river, we encourage you to bring a bag with you and pick up trash on the way back to your car.

Setting things right in the wild really is a whole lot more complicated and nuanced than picking up a few pieces of trash and patting ourselves on the back. Big issues affecting North Georgia and lots of wild places are oftentimes way more complex than picking up litter. Things like land management, sustainable economic growth, and over-development’s impact on the ecology are part of a larger problem.

But at the end of the day we believe we have to put more back into the places that we love than we take out of them. And the Bring a Bag Challenge is a very small part of the solution we’d like you to consider when out in North Georgia. When checking out our blog for good places to visit you may begin seeing a Bring A Bag Challenge callout. It’s a gentle reminder to us all to try and find a way to help set things right when and where we can.


We would love it if you would consider joining us for one of our cleanups throughout the year. In 2019, we hosted 2 cleanup hikes and partnered with the Chattooga Conservancy for a kudzu removal cleanup project. In 2019, 45+ volunteers across 3 events picked up over 500 pounds of trash and helped with the removal of the invasive kudzu species along the Chattooga River corridor. In 2020, we have already picked up over 1,000 pounds of trash! We’re always in need of volunteers for these events so stay on the look out for upcoming events!