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Our Reopening Plan


After 72 days (not that we're counting) of our small business being temporarily closed, we are going to begin the process of reopening our store in Clayton Georgia - in a limited capacity - to customers.

It is almost impossible for us to describe just how weird and strange the last few months have been for our family and our staff. The only reason our small business survived to make it to this day was because of the generosity of our customers. Y’all showed up every single day and made purchases online, supported us with our fundraisers and relief projects, and sent us way too many kind notes and words of encouragement to count.

We would not have our small business today if it wasn’t for you these last few months. Period. 

As we start Phase One of our Three Step Reopening Plan, we are excited to share what our family’s plan is to make this the safest and best all around experience for our staff, our community and our customers. While things will no doubt look and feel different for a while, we hope these measures play a small role in helping us get our community and our country back on track.

We want to thank every customer who took the time to fill out our reopening survey form over the past few weeks. Your feedback helped us immensely as we created these standards and coalesced what was important to us and what was important to you.​

What We Learned And How This Experience Changed Us for the better

While this crisis presented us challenges like we had never experienced before, it also taught us some lessons that we want to make sure we carry forward with us into the future.

We are proud that in the midst of some extreme financial pressure and anxiety, we were still able to hold true to our vision and values of giving back in our local community. We were able to participate in 3 separate fundraisers that raised more than $15,000 representing well over 10% of our revenue during this time.​

As we reopen, we are now giving all of our employees, whether they are full time or part time, paid sick leave. This may not sound like much but as a small business in retail, it’s practically unheard of. Our team has never been more important to us and we want to make sure we do what we can to protect and take care of them as we reopen.

This crisis made us realize it’s time for us to put our money where our mouth is. Our business spends over $40,000 a year on Amazon for things like packing materials, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. During our temporary closure, we made a commitment to source these items from local and regional small businesses, even if it costs us more. We have already moved 75% of our purchases away from Amazon and plan to be 100% free by 2021.


As we reopen our small businesses back up, our plan is to do it in 3 phases. Please keep in mind that dates, specifics, and details may change in real time based on information coming from the CDC, WHO, and our national, state, and local healthcare communities. But as of today, our plan is as follows . . .

Our plan is to reopen our brick and mortar store in downtown Clayton, Georgia on Monday, June 1st utilizing the details outlined on this page and our new Health & Safety Procedures we’re rolling out for our customers and staff.

Phase Two will begin returning to our regular hours while simultaneously rolling back select Health and Safety Procedures while maintaining others as the CDC, WHO, and the healthcare community deem fit. 

Phase Three will include the complete rollback of all temporary safety measures that were put place during this health crisis and returning to business as usual.

Wander North Georgia COVID-19 Health & Safety Standards

As we reopen, we want to provide clear guidance for our customers on how to shop with us in our store. We will continue to closely follow guidance from the CDC, WHO, and our national, state and local healthcare communities to make sure we’re operating in compliance with any restrictions, protocols, and recommendations in place.