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Announcing the Wander North Georgia Store

All of us at Wander North Georgia are excited to announce that we will be opening a retail store in downtown Clayton, Georgia! The store will feature an assortment of Wander North Georgia products, handmade goods from local Georgian and regional Southeastern craftsmen and basic outdoor gear for hikers and campers, while serving as an information center for outdoor enthusiasts on area points of interest.

Wander North Georgia was started a little under a year ago as a project focused on the North Georgia mountains and the communities that call them home a little under a year ago. At that time both Josh and Alex Brown and Jake and Courtney Scott had moved separately to North Georgia last year. After meeting each other at a local restaurant and finding their stories similar, they decided to create Wander North Georgia as a way of blending their experience as visitors for over two decades to this beautiful area to their brand new experience as locals.

Our goal, here at Wander North Georgia, is to serve as a connection point for locals and visitors alike, by highlighting the people and places that make our home so special. At our core, we are a story-telling platform with the goal of connecting the thousands of visitors and tourists of the North Georgia mountains with the local experience. Opening our retail store on Main Street is a natural extension of that vision as we can better encourage weekend visitors to get out and explore while deepening the relational aspect of what we do.

The Wander North Georgia store will display outdoor photography from North Georgia photographers along with seasonal galleries and exhibits featuring their work. Keeping in line with our commitment of helping people get outside, the store will also be an ideal setting for our popular North Georgia Social Club event series which focuses on weekly and monthly meet-ups where we go on day hikes and overnight camping trips throughout North Georgia. We will also have workshops, classes, and demonstrations of photography, and hiking and camping activities. The store will feature a lounge area with free maps for recommended area hikes, outdoor resources, and free WiFi. We will be open year round, Wednesday through Saturday 11a-8p and on Sundays from 12-5p.

To celebrate the grand opening of our new store, we will host an Open House on Friday, November 18th from 6-9p with giveaways and light refreshments. Come on in and see what we are all so excited about!