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Katin Men's Poolside Volley


The Katin Volley Trunk remains a fan favorite for its comfort, versatility and volley style. Made from our custom volley-style silhouette, featuring front pockets, an elastic waist and an interior stash pocket for the traveler on the move.

  • 100% 4-Ply Nylon Taslan
  • Front pockets sealed with unique mesh drain inserts
  • Mesh lining
  • Boat rope cinch drawstring
  • Clean-finished interior seams
  • Inner stash pocket
  • Back pocket
  • 17” outseam


I absolutely love these shorts and let me keep it real. I’m the kind of guy who can drop or gain 5 pounds based off whether I’m drinking beer that week or water. I’m not proud of it. But I often find myself with a pair of pants or shorts that fit me perfectly one week and then don’t fit me a week later. So these shorts are perfect for me. They’re like the popular Patagonia Baggies in style but without being so baggy. They have a much more tapered, narrow fit. And the best part is they are DWR treated meaning they are super water resistant and quick drying when they do get wet. Most of my days, particularly in the summer, I inevitably end up in the water a few times a week after work. Whether it’s swimming or fishing at the river. So I can wear these to work comfortably all day long and go straight to the river without having to make a huge wardrobe change. Then when I’m done at the river, they’re dry by the time I get to the restaurant for dinner. Love these things and have become my staple short. 


Quick Drying, Roomy, All Kinds of Stretch


Environmental Impact


1 Percent