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Helinox Chair One


Chair One’s comfort is legendary, and with its ability to move easily from backpacking trips to music festivals to days at the beach, its versatility is unmatched.


I finally broke down and bought one of these chairs. I had wanted one for years but always rolled my eyes at the price, which admittedly is not cheap. But the second I demoed one and saw how easy it was to set up and break down, I was hooked. I keep it under the front seat of my truck (it packs down that small) so I always have it when I need it. I no longer have to worry about the bigger cheaper versions and lugging them everywhere only to replace them every few years because they tear or rust. This is small enough I even pack it in my bag for small day hikes. Super lightweight, effortlessly sets up, and comfortable on top of it all. Highly recommend.


Lightweight, Portable, High Quality


Environmental Impact


1 Percent

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