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Event: Black Rock Mountain State Park Clean Up


IMPORTANT NOTE: While all of our cleanup events are free, we do require a “ticket” to be purchased at $0 at this link as it helps us limit and control the amount of people that show up for events ensuring that we don’t have too many or too few. Please only “purchase a ticket” if you are 100% planning on attending as it makes it difficult to get volunteers at the last minute if there is a cancelation. This event is open to the first 25 people. Kids and families are welcome. Pets are not.

After a year away from events, we’re excited to roll up our sleeves and get back at it! Join us on Saturday May 8th from 9:00am – noon for a clean up event at Black Rock Mountain State Park. We’ll spend the morning working with park staff and volunteers at the park’s lake. Our focus will be on laying down some geo-matting to help with landscaping around the lake, going around the lake’s edge cleaning old fishing line and trash, and a few other cleanup activities. Kayaks will be on hand to access the harder to reach sections of the lake (or to play in). We’ll end at noon with a picnic lunch on the park grounds so if you’d like to stick around for that please bring whatever food and drinks you’d like.

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