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Classic Logo Throwback Hat - Navy


Our Classic Logo Throwback Hat is a flashback to our original Wander North Georgia hats that we sold before we opened our brick and mortar store. Our regular hats include the Wander logo but we dropped the North Georgia lettering when we opened the store because we had so many people traveling through who wanted to “Wander” back home. So outside of our first 150 black and white hats that we created , we’ve never had our full Wander North Georgia logo and the “North Georgia” text on our hats. That is, until now. We’re bringing our full Wander North Georgia logo back as a throwback hat. We’ve got it in two colors. Solid Navy and Charcoal/Grey. The plan is for these colors to be limited seasonal runs. Once they are out of stock, we’ll switch to a new color hat and put the full North Georgia logo on those. This means each one of these hats will be 1 of only 144 that we make. While they won’t be numbered, they’ll still be a low run exclusive hat that you’ll want to get your hands on before they’re gone.


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