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Blue Ridge Fly Fishing: North Georgia’s Premier Fishing Guide

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Blue Ridge Georgia is one of the best kept secrets in North Georgia. It amazes us how many people have never visited this cute mountain town nestled between the mountains and Blue Ridge Lake. But those who have been know just how charming and beautiful it is. Blue Ridge is literally overflowing with amazing small shops and restaurants and none better than Blue Ridge Fly Fishing on historic Main Street.

When we think about the best parts of North Georgia . . . friendly people, laid back atmospheres and great views are what come to mind and Blue Ridge Fly Fishing is combining those things into an amazing experience for fly-fishers from all across the country. Blue Ridge sits in the middle of Fannin County, which is the trout capital of Georgia. Trout fishers from all over the country and the Southeast flock to Blue Ridge to fish their countless streams and creeks.

Blue Ridge Fly Fishing For those of you who have never dabbled in the serious world of fly-fishing, let me be the first to tell you that it can be completely overwhelming. Not only is the act itself more complicated (at first glance) than fishing with rod and reel, the gear can be confusing, super particular, and not as straight forward as throwing a worm on a hook and letting it sit. It is not an easy world to break into or gain knowledge of without someone holding your hand a little.

That’s one of the things that makes Blue Ridge Fly Fishing so great. The shop and their guide services are set up for all experience levels, all budgets, and all passions. The owner, Jeff Turner, prides himself on customer service and getting rid of all the complicated barriers to entry. Most fly-fishers I meet can be a tad bit pretentious. I get it. I’m that way a lot. But Jeff and his staff are laid back and make you feel like you’re talking with an old friend about fishing. Every single time I’m in the store, they are giving all their knowledge and energy and passion to whoever they are helping. Holding nothing back whether it’s a regular or someone who is walking in for the first time.

blueridgeflyfishing_fullBlue Ridge Fly Fishing

The retail shop is a fisherman’s dream. Tons of flies. The best accessories. And all kinds of gear to make you look and feel good when fishing. They don’t really keep secrets around here so if you’re looking to catch fish, make sure you ask what they are hitting that week and be prepared to get a spot on description of what you need to try and where you need to try it at.

Blue Ridge Fly Fishing

And if you’re looking to get into fly fishing but have no clue about where to start, give them 15 minutes and you’ll be armed with all the information you need to make the plunge. I gave fly fishing a try over 10 years ago but tried to do it on my own and found it cumbersome and complicated and so I gave up. After moving to North Georgia last year, I decided to give it another try (all the cool kids were doing it) and Jeff has helped get me pointed back in the right direction.

Blue Ridge Fly Fishingblueridgeflyfishing3Blue Ridge Fly Fishing

The passion behind their retail and guide staff is contagious which comes straight from Jeff. If you don’t believe me, check out all the reviews from their customers on Facebook. Literally everyone of them mentions the people and the guides and the staff and very rarely the fish despite catching some big ones. That’s how you know you have a good shop . . . when customers remember the person taking care of them as much they remember their monster fish.

If you ever want to get out on a stream and give fly fishing a try, they offer guided services and trips for beginners and pros. If you don’t have a rod, they provide you one when you book a trip along with waders, boots, flies and all tackle. And if you want to make it a weekend or are coming from out of town, they even have secret, non publicly listed (and really affordable) rooms you can rent above downtown Blue Ridge. So you can bring a crew of friend or family and make it a long weekend trip.

Blue Ridge Fly Fishing

Blue Ridge Fly FishingWe love recommending the best businesses in North Georgia because having been visitors for so long before we moved up, we know finding the best spots can be hit or miss sometimes. Blue Ridge Fly Fishing is the best of the best and odds are if you’ve been fly fishing in North Georgia at all, you have already heard of them and their stellar reputation. But if you haven’t, get on it. Stop by their shop. Book a trip. And if you give us enough heads up, we may even be tempted to drop the kids off at grandma’s and join you.




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